Special Conditions

When booking a flight with KLM, you agree to our General Conditions of Carriage for both you and your baggage. Make sure to read these additional conditions as well.

Special Conditions form part of the General Conditions of Carriage. Special Conditions contain the applicable rules that arise from local laws and regulations and that apply specifically in a particular country or region. Special Conditions may therefore deviate from the General Conditions of Carriage. You are expected to always read both the General Conditions of Carriage and the applicable Special Conditions of the country or region where you book your ticket.

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Online booking

You can book flights for a maximum of 9 passengers (adults and children) per booking. Each adult may accompany an infant traveling on their lap.

Your booking is confirmed when you receive a booking reference. A confirmation e-mail containing all of the details of your booking will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Keep in mind that, in accordance with the provisions of the EU regulation, the customer's right to withdrawal does not apply to airline tickets.


Fares quoted include all taxes, except where taxes are collected locally at the airport. Fares are only guaranteed when you have a booking reference.

Online payment

To pay online, you need a debit or credit card. The payment will be debited immediately from the card by KLM. In some countries, you can use other payment methods, such as bank transfer, Apple Pay, or local payment methods.

Payment is fully secured by encryption conforming to the highest industry standards.

Special conditions for Austria website

For tickets bought in Austria or on the Austria website the following articles replace the same articles from our General Conditions of Carriage:

3.4 Flight Coupon Order of Use

(a) The Fare including Tax, established on the basis of the details, flight dates and routes mentioned on the Ticket, corresponds to a Place of Departure and a Place of Destination, via a Stopover scheduled when the Ticket was purchased and forms integral part of the Contract of Carriage. The Fare applied on the Ticket issue date is only valid for a Ticket used fully and in the sequential order of Flight Coupons, for the specified journey and on the specified dates.

(b) For all travels starting in Austria, if the Passenger is unable to fly all of the individual flight segments or is not flying them in the sequence specified on the Ticket due to Force Majeure, illness or for any other unexpected reason or impediment for which the Passenger is not responsible (such as a late feeder flight), the remainder of the Flight Coupons shall remain valid. In this case, the Passenger may use the remaining Flight Coupons in the sequence shown as long as the Passenger informs the Carrier of the relevant reasons as soon as he is aware of them or after discontinuation of the impediment and is able to offer proof.

(c) Except in the hypotheses set out in 3.4 b above, any non-compliant use by the Passenger (for example, if the Passenger does not use the first Coupon or if the Coupons are not used in the order in which they were issued), will result in the payment of an extra fixed fee at the check-in moment for the following Coupon (from 30 hours before the departure) at the call center, at a City Ticket Office or at the airport amounting to: €125 for flights in Economy Class within Europe and between Europe and Israel, €300 for flights in Business Class within Europe and between Europe and Israel, €500 for intercontinental flights in Economy Class and €1,500 for intercontinental flights in Business Class (or the equivalent in the local currency).

(d) The additional fee will not be applicable if the Passenger who has missed his/her flight, can demonstrate that he/she has purchased and used a new ticket for the same route within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time of the flight corresponding to the unused Coupon.

Art.10.2.1 (h)

(h) If the Passenger prematurely interrupts their journey, the Passenger will be required to pay a fixed fee of € 275 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and at Charles de Gaulle (Paris), in order to be able to retrieve their Checked Baggage. The aforementioned does not apply in case of Force Majeure, illness or for any other unexpected reason or impediment for which the Passenger is not responsible.